Shipping and return policies for Visions of Tondal

Shipping Info
If you would like that, we may ship the EP virtually wherever you would like us to. We propose to use the Polish Post as it's the most common one around, although if you'd like that it's possible to arrange any other kind of shipping. Well, maybe excluding the swallows - the cd might be bit too heavy for them.
Return Policy
As the whole purpose of the demo is promotional and we make no money off it, we do not offer any returns or whatever, especially since the shipping fees exceed the cost of the EP itself hence rendering it impossible for us to offer any other policy. As for damages - we would take outmost care to pack the CD so it would not be by any means damaged and all the rest is up to the Polish Post, which thankfully offers some kind of insurance. And if you would prefer any other kind of shipping - we make the same effort at packing, but the rest is up to you.