Visions of Tondal

by Visions of Tondal

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released July 26, 2013

The EP was recorded in December 2012 in the UMFC S1 studio
Engineering & Mix & Master by Marcin Wolniewicz & Karol Piwowarski.
Track 1 written by Maciej Szumowski & Rafał Mądzik
Track 2 written by Marek Kurowski
Track 3 written by Maciej Szumowski
All tracks arranged and performed by VoT and Choir of the Deranged,
Except for keyboard tracks performed by Karol Piwowarski
Lyrics written by Olaf Chujko
Production by Marcin Wolniewicz & Karol Piwowarski.

Album art by Marcin Siwek

As of Fall 2013, the band is as follows:
Olaf Chujko - vocals
Kaja Kulinicz - violin
Filip 'Simon' Szumowski - bass
Tomek Walczak - drums
Grzegorz 'Pivo' Piwowarek - guitar

VoT would like to thank UMFC & Marcin Wolniewicz & Karol Piwowarski.



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Visions of Tondal Warszawa, Poland

As of Fall 2013, the band is as follows:
Olaf Chujko - vocals
Kaja Kulinicz - violin
Filip 'Simon' Szumowski - bass
Tomek Walczak - drums
Grzegorz 'Pivo' Piwowarek - guitar

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Track Name: La Valse Infernale
La Valse Infernale

Would you dance with me tonight
On the ruin placed nearby
It is held in perfect shape
Our dance absurd and deranged

My soul trembled in pain and terror
As the white men reached their white hands
And took my beauty

Flying carpets, silver rains
Restless nights I called her name
In vain

My soul shivers
As my mind wanders the empty world
No rest for me

The loss hounting
The sweet melancholy takes over my heart
As I drown in pain

I shall never rest in peace, never give up searching for her
Until I have found my love, she shall put my mind at ease

If there is no stopping the pain
Then I shall feed it right back to them
If there is no regaining my love
Then I shall repay it with their blood

To find the way, to see her face again
To hold her in my arms
Again they came bringing emptiness and pain

The world is no longer

I have never been
Track Name: Sleep
I break out of halls of sleep
Into the light of day
Yet my body refuses to wake
It keeps me down to bed

From this cage of flesh I observe
As sunlight breaks into the void
I watch as the world changes in front of my eyes

I wonder what the world would be like
The point of view of bed
The vegetative state
Oh no, I am going mad

Brain disfuctions, synapse collapses
The spinal cord must have fallen asleep
Will I ever live again?

I focus my mind, make the blockage disappear
I strive with all my force to bring myself back to light
And through this crippling block of ice
I am breaking free to life
Regaining control of my body
I finally understand

Finally I have awaken from this dream
I am changed, my life shall never be the same again
Track Name: The Tower of Glass
Outside the walls, out on the path
The Devil lies and summons me
The urgent need appears inside
To give once more in to his whim

The Tower of Glass casts no shade
The distant glimmer arrests the eye
From inside the Tower a silent whisper sounds
And leads me astray

Find me a way through desserts of deception
There's nothing left for me to say
You took all meaning with your words
And left me dry
Outside the walls the Devil lies
In vicious smiles it paints the crimson skies

The Tower of Glass has got no end
The tales of Its bounds descent from the distant times
From inside the Tower a silent whisper sounds
And brings me back home

You will come back to me
You long my embrace

And will you ever be again so happy and so complete?
And will you ever live the dreams so vivid?
Sooner or later I will realise the truth so hurtful
All of our dreams must fade away

Into the Void